Building our new wardrobe for the master bedroom

In December 2016 I build a new an optimized wardrobe for the master bedroom of our flat. The video highlights how I create it in place. The closet was planned to have sliding doors in front, but up to this day, I have not made them. So I think we keep it as an open wardrobe.

The wardrobe consists of a left side to hang clothes in two rows above each other and a right side with many drawers to hide our smaller clothes and underwear. As I did not want to build so many drawers myself, I planed the wardrobe around the dimension of the Ikea Pax wardrobe system. This solution saved much time, and it was also cheaper in the end. It is incredible how much plywood you need for drawers and how much it costs.

The layout of our bedroom made it necessary to incorporate the room door within our wardrobe, so on the left side, we lose some space to it. However, there is still the space above the door to store seldom used items.