3D printed lampshade

One of the glass lamp shades of our dining room lamp broke the other day. It was a test project to see if it would work to replace the broken lampshade with a 3d printed version.

I’ve measured the dimensions of the old shade and replicated the from in Fusion 360. And as I do not have a 3d printer, so I ordered the new shade online from one of the proposed providers on 3dhub.com. I choose to print the lampshade in PLA and replaces the bulb in the lamp with an led version, to prevent the new shade from melting.

For such small items and such a quick and easy project, it is easy to order the items externally, compared to maintain your 3d printer. But if you print a lot, it will get expensive quite fast. In my case the postage cost where nearly the same as the actual printing cost. So for future projects, I need to slice the object into multiple parts – or buy myself a 3d printer :-D