Building a birthday present for my mother (Outdoor table build part 2 of 2)

The table top consists of multiple boards glued together with dowels. As I was unable to mark consistently and bore the holes on the inside over so many boards, I decided to drill through the outer board and then cap the hole later on. I imagine that this gives the tabletop a bit of a rustic look. Unfortunately, this did not work as planned, and I should not have done this.

To allow for expansion in the wood, I widen one of the dowel holes and only glue the dowel on the other side. I hope this is enough that the table top will not bow.

As the space between the board is rather tight, I sanded and finished all the boards before gluing the table top. That made my life a lot easier. And after this, the only step left was to deliver this to my parent’s place :-)